December 23 Construction Update

We’re making steady progress and glad to have the unseasonably dry weather because we’re still working mostly on the building’s exterior.  Here are some highlights:

  • The “Larsen truss” work is done.  It’s the superstructure to which we’re now attaching a “curtain” wall for maximum insulation effect around the standard plywood wall.  Now, we’re attaching the “Dens Glass” sheathing to the Larsen trusses.  Siding is next.
  • With the support of IBEW Local 280, based in Tangent, Oregon, and Code Electric, a union contractor in Salem, we’re planning the electrical install.
  • The triple-pane window and special tight-sealing doors are in manufacture and will arrive in late January.
  • The growing medium is spread across the roof, thanks to the “bucket brigade” volunteers at several Saturday work parties.
  • We’re expanding our plans for exterior surface art beyond the mural space we’ve designated on the north and east walls (both street-facing).

850 people have volunteered on the construction so far and there’s still plenty to do.  If you have time to return or want to join in for the first time, contact Javier Lara at javierl(at)