Our Sister Organizations

Since 1985, PCUN has advocated for Oregon farmworkers and working Latinx families, working tirelessly to empower these communities to understand and take action against systematic exploitation and its harmful effects.  PCUN’s efforts are divided among these entities and programs:

  • Building Community: Through our 501(c)3 organization, we focus on public education and on building empowering community spaces. This work is done in a culturally responsive, and culturally relevant way – by strengthening our cultural connections to eachother.
  • Political Action and Grassroots Policy Advocacy: Through our 501(c) 4 organization, we will build political power, focusing on candidates, issues, and policy change at the state and national levels.
  • The Labor Union: Through our 501 C(5) organization, we focus on workers rights, collective-bargaining, and fostering equitable employee-employer relationship

Also based in Woodburn, FHDC builds and manages farmworker housing with farmworker participation. Founded in 1990 by PCUN, Oregon Legal Services and Salud Medical Clinic.  In 1992 FHDC started the development of our first housing project, Nuevo Amanecer, Phase I, amid fierce opposition from some community leaders who preferred to see farmworkers segregated in remote labor camps. Governor Barbara Roberts was instrumental in overcoming this opposition and making this project happen and has continued to support FHDC’s efforts. We opened the doors of Nuevo Amanecer to 50 families in 1994.

25 years later, with the addition of our latest development Colonia Jardines in Silverton, we now provide housing to nearly 1,300 individuals in six cities (Woodburn, Salem, Stayton, Silverton, Sublimity and Independence, Oregon). We are currently in the process of building Colonia Unidad in Woodburn, a workforce housing project, to support a changing community to increase career mobility and opportunities for advancement for farmworkers and other low-income individuals and families.

Based in Salem, SKCE promotes educational accountability and equity in the Salem-Keizer School District and in the district’s programs serving low-income and minority children. Founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2003, the Coalition has given the achievement gap, accountability, and transparency a high profile and made them enduring issues regarding the District’s treatment of low-income students and students of color. Even while demanding and advancing institutional accountability, the Coalition has forged solid working relationships with top leaders of the Oregon Department of Education and the Salem-Keizer School District and has developed a model of training for Latino and immigrant parents

Mano a Mano (Hand in Hand) is based in Salem. MaM was originally established in the summer of 1988 in response to the emergency needs of migrant farm workers and their families, as a result of acute crop failures and an over-supply of workers. Our mission is to provide opportunities for our clients to gain knowledge and skills for self-sufficiency; and to increase access to education and health care. We see ourselves not as service providers, but as being in service to the community. Our vision is for our region to be a community of justice where families are strong, safe, and nurturing, and where children thrive

Based in Woodburn, MLP is an organization of farmworker women developing their leadership through an economic micro-enterprise and mutual support. It began in 1997 as a PCUN project and incorporated as an independent non-profit in 2001. Each year, about two-dozen MLP members manufacture and sell holiday wreaths, gaining skills and earning income for their families. Sales have totaled more than $200,000 in recent years. MLP organizes educational and mutual support gatherings for farmworker women and participates actively in campaigns of other Alianza Poder organizations.

Founded in 1996 and based in Salem, LUS develops Latino youth leadership. LUS has conducted numerous campaigns to counter discrimination especially by law enforcement and school officials. LUS has led the campaigns in Oregon to prevent minimum wage rollbacks aimed at youth, and to enact legalization and in-state tuition for undocumented high school graduates.

Radio Poder, “La Voz del Pueblo” is Oregon’s mass media activism platform for social change that raises awareness for important local causes and connects families to opportunities to transform their communities for the well-being of all, especially Latino/a/e/x, Indigenas, y Afro-descendientes working families with trusted, vital, and timely information. Radio Poder’s mission is to entertain, educate and to organize Oregon’s Latin community in Spanish and Indigenous Latin-American Languages. They reach over 350,000 Latin people in Oregon, in eight counties and 27 municipalities, from Coburg to Tualatin.

Centro de Servicios Para Campesinos (CSPC)

Founded in 1977, the CSPC mission to provide immigration integration services to immigrants and farmworkers to improve their quality of life.  The CSPC serves over a thousand people annual and provides a variety of services including: legal representation for immigrant matters, referral services, translations, assistance filling various forms (i.e medical, work, school related), and public notary services. These services are vital because they provide an entry point to better economic and health stability for Oregon’s most vulnerable workforce.

Evolve provides high quality multifamily and affordable housing property management across communities in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

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