Capaces Core Programs Sprouted with Comunidad, for Comunidad

Centralized at the Anahuac Farm, the Anahuac Program is a community centered program that offers traditional education in agriculture, culinary and cultural arts, wellness, and native languages. The work aims to unify the Indigenous communities of America, in the dominant culture known as farmworkers, whose labor has been exploited throughout the food system. We are here to sow seeds of sovereignty with organic cultivation of our milpa (corn, squash and beans) and maintain relationships with our traditional foods and lifeways

People’s Representatives is a civic leadership development and support network program for community leaders governing collectively for lasting social change focused on the Mid-Willamette Valley. Our strategy is two fold:

  • Strengthen the knowledge base of the Representantes and El Pueblo
  •  Build strong communities within the Representatives network and El Pueblo

TURNO creates a path for high school-aged indigenous, immigrant, and Latinx youth to embrace and prepare for long-term movement leadership through self-discovery and development, community-based service, workforce skill-building, and access to furthered education.Our pillars are comprised of what we aspire to cultivate in our students. To create a culture of care for the whole person, we strive to develop our young leaders’ internal, external, and progressive strengths.

Capaces houses and serves as a “backbone” organization to the Alianza Poder (AP) Nework, the Latinx Community Wealth Building Network (LCWB), and the Oregon DACA Coalition (ODC). AP is a collaborative of nine sister organizations, hosted and coordinated by the CAPACES Leadership Institute (CLI), whose serving, organizing, and building the leadership of the Latina/o/x communities in Oregon to improve the quality of life for all, especially working families. Currently, there are two projects housed within Capaces that serve the Alianza Poder Network. 

  • Community Wealth Building Fellows (CWBF)the purpose of this project is to develop the collective economic power of our communities, rooted in our cultural assets, working to improve the quality of life for all, especially the most vulnerable. The fellowship is a two year project (2022-24) being led by Lucy Escobar (Project Consultant) and closely supported by Capaces staff and the AP Community Wealth Building Fellowship Advisory Committee.

  • Community Health Workers Hub (CHWH)the purpose of this project is to improve community health and promote health equity through a culturally responsive training that tunes into the social determinants of health and adverse community environments.

7 Dimensions

Created in 2014, 7 Dimensions strengthens the sustainability of mission-driven organizations and the individuals who have roles in them. The method’s two most distinct elements are: (1) framing leaders’ sustainability challenges as “dilemmas” to be managed, not “problems” to be “solved”, and (2) the framework is not about training but rather peer exchanges and interactions, mostly in facilitated small group conversations on seven core facets movement leaders need to consider in seeking better balance. They include: Personal health and; physical security, Family and loved ones, Finances, Roles & skill set, Vision and big ideas, Example in the community and; the organization, and Personal spirit.