Somos Anahuac

We are migratory seeds, having traveled by land, water and air from our native lands of the South to the Pacific Northwest Territory of our continent. We understand what it means to adapt to survive a new climate as much as what it means to preserve our culture and protect our way of life. We are resilient as we learn to grow in new soils but are reminded no matter where we grow on this continent we are the people of the corn, the indigenous peoples of Anahuac (what is now referred to as the Americas) who have something valuable to contribute to humanity.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which communities are empowered with the freedom of choice, accessibility and restoration of responsibility to practice the ways of their ancestors to sustain humanity, all life and our Mother Earth for many generations to come.

Our Values

COEXISTENCE :  to honor interconnected relationships with all living beings and the natural elements of life 

TEQUITL :  of the Nahuatl language; to practice our indigenous custom of work or labor in service for the benefit of the community 

RECIPROCITY :  to carry mutual respect in our hearts for all life by practicing exchange and giving back for what is received 

TRADITION :  to reclaim and promote our ancestral traditions and knowledge in agriculture, food, wellness, language and cultural arts 

EQUITY :  to acknowledge the systemic and historical oppression that has impacted communities, all life and the heart of Mother Earth while exercising inclusion and fairness to heal future relationships 

COLLECTIVISM :  to support and work in partnership with multigenerational families and other communities who share our values 

GOODNESS :  to practice good intention for the wellbeing and prosperity of the community 

BALANCE :  to create space for ancestral ceremonies where we silence the mitote and live from the heart to best engage with our inner self and surrounding world

Our Mission

Anahuac is a community centered program of Capaces Leadership Institute located in Woodburn, Oregon surrounded by the Willamette Valley of the Pacific Northwest. The farms in our valley rely on our community, who are often referred to as farmworkers, to sustain our country’s food supply and monoculture system. Our mission is to support our community made up of indigenous peoples of America to reclaim our ancestral culture, traditions, knowledge and values and restore sacred relationships with all life and Mother Earth for generations to come. Acting as a bridge between ancestral and contemporary times, we offer traditional education in agriculture, culinary and cultural arts, wellness and native languages.  We also believe that in order for humanity and Mother Earth to heal we must walk together with our brothers, sisters and two spirits from all four directions who share our values for a greater common good. Through Anahuac, the wisdom and values of our abuelos y abuelas remains strong in our hearts and lives on for many generations to come.

The Anahuac Program is currently being offered in partnership with both the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation (FHDC) and MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility.

Explore where Anahuac plants seeds, and grows roots in the community

Capital Campaign for the Anahuac Farm

Capaces Leadership Institute and the Oregon Farmworker Movement is in a very exciting time of expanding our Anahuac program to its own Anahuac Farm located on 60 acres of certified-organic land in Turner, Oregon.

Our Traditional Kitchen

The Anahuac Traditional Kitchen is a communal culinary space bridging older and future generations to preserve traditional knowledge with the foods we grow and flavors reminiscent of our origins

The Greenhouse at Capaces

The Anahuac Greenhouse is a year-round home for all of our native, organic and heirloom seed varieties to sprout and take root before they are ready for their journey into the soil

Community Garden at Nuevo Amanecer Apartments

A Community Garden where youth and families learn and apply traditional and contemporary organic agricultural practices to produce food for their families and the extended FHDC community with a weekly produce booth

Living Pharmacy at Colonia Unidad Apartments

At our Living Pharmacy we hear the soft whispers of our abuelos & abuelas sharing stories of the healing powers of traditional herbs and feel empowered to continue and grow these relationships to be passed on to future generations

Questions or Concerns?

Contact our Program Manager,

Javier Lara