The Anahuac Program is a culturally and ethnically specific traditional agricultural and culinary education program for youth and their families from farmworker and immigrant backgrounds in Woodburn, OR and the surrounding areas. 

Anahuac reconnects youth and families with their traditional agricultural and culinary heritage through the cultivation of community gardening, basic farming, production, packaging and culinary aspects of culturally appropriate foods from their ethnic background (Mixtec, Zapotec, Maya, Purepecha…).

Youth and families participating in the Anahuac Program connect with their cultural heritage through traditional agricultural ceremonies, community elders, traditional healing practices, traditional herbalism,  native seeds, traditional cooking practices, diverse ancient art practices and land stewardship. 

We support the community we work with to develop sustainable food production that connects them to the history of their ancestry in present time with both traditional and contemporary organic agricultural practices.

Our Values

COEXISTENCE:  to cultivate traditional food and medicinal herbs organically and naturally while also respecting our Eco-system

TRADITION:  to rescue and promote the knowledge of our ancestral, agricultural, and culinary traditions

EQUITY:  to respect labor rights and work in partnership with farm-worker unions

COLLECTIVISM:  to support future farmers and communities who share our values

Our Mission

To preserve and pass on traditional knowledge related to agriculture and food to our future generations.  Our community is made up of several different ethnic groups that come from diverse regions of Mexico and the south, who now live in Oregon.  Through our traditional education program, we strive to support youth to learn and preserve the richness in their culture, diversity and food from where they come from while also connecting with life here in Oregon, coexisting with the natural elements, land and new foods that grow well here in our climate region of the Willamette Valley .

The Anahuac Program is currently being offered in partnership with both the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation (FHDC) and MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility.

Explore where Anahuac plants seeds, and grows roots in the community

Our Traditional Kitchen

The Anahuac Traditional Kitchen is a communal culinary space bridging older and future generations to preserve traditional knowledge with the foods we grow and flavors reminiscent of our origins

The Greenhouse at Capaces

The Anahuac Greenhouse is a year-round home for all of our native, organic and heirloom seed varieties to sprout and take root before they are ready for their journey into the soil

Community Garden at Nuevo Amanecer Apartments

A Community Garden where youth and families learn and apply traditional and contemporary organic agricultural practices to produce food for their families and the extended FHDC community with a weekly produce booth

Living Pharmacy at Colonia Unidad Apartments

At our Living Pharmacy we hear the soft whispers of our abuelos & abuelas sharing stories of the healing powers of traditional herbs and feel empowered to continue and grow these relationships to be passed on to future generations

Questions or Concerns?

Contact our Program Manager,

Javier Lara