It’s time For People’s Representatives…



More about People’s Representative:

People’s Representative is a public service training designed for social justice minded Latinas/os willing to explore representing their community via appointed or elected seats, or volunteer on committees serving their region. Participants will learn what it takes to sit on decision making bodies and work effectively to bridge the inequities impacting the Latinx, immigrant, and working class populations of Marion and Polk Counties.

Who can join?

Community members who have demonstrated involvement and a commitment in social justice, and who reside in Marion or Polk County, can apply to join the People’s Representative Public Service Training Program.

Why is this program launching?

As the Latino population has grown in numbers, so have the challenges. The 2014 Oregon County Data Book reported that the gap between Latino/a and White children in Marion County is wider than almost anywhere else in the state; higher poverty, lower school enrollment, and lower reading and math proficiency all lead to negative educational outcomes and poor health.

Despite a large concentration of Latinas/os in the region, there are very few on public decision making bodies (elected or volunteer) at any level in the Mid-Willamette Valley. From school boards to city council members to state legislature, they are virtually non-existent with the exception of those who lead in the non-profit and social service agency sector.


Our community leaders think its time for People’s Representatives


Join our team!

We have two positions available, read below to see the details. ¡Gracias!



The CAPACES Leadership Institute (CLI) was established in July of 2011 to prepare emerging leaders in the Latina/o communities of the Mid-Willamette Valley to lead community-based non-profits and for public service.  In Spanish, CAPACES means both “we are capable” and “capabilities”. The acronym stands for Colaboración Adelantando a Personal de Apoyo para Capacitarnos, Enlazarnos y Solidarizarnos (Collaborative Assisting Personnel to Advance our Capacity, Engagement and Solidarity). However, the work began as a project out of PCUN, one of our sister organizations, back in 2003.

The CAPACES Leadership Institute was founded to prepare leaders with the political consciousness and skills needed to lead and support social justice work. We envision a Latina/o community with equitable leadership representation in all sectors that is working to address social disparities. Our guiding values are commitment, courage, humility, equity and justice, sacrifice, and sustainability.

TURNO Support Coordinator

Compensation: $15 per hour (average of 20 hours weekly)

Job ControlExecutive Director

Direct Supervisor: TURNO Program Coordinator      



Talento Universitario Regresando a Nuestros Origenes (TURNO) translated to University Talent Returning to Our Origins is a youth program offered to youth ages 14-18 who attend Woodburn High School’s five academies. TURNO is designed for low income, farmworker, and immigrant youth to learn what social justice is and how it affects their personal day to day lives. It is intended to provide support, guidance and preparation for long-term leadership in the social justice movement and to motivate youth to pursue a higher education and give back to their communities. Youth meet weekly and focus on enhancing their political consciousness through education, civic engagement and leadership development. Developing leaders in our community is part of our mission as an institute, and through this program we begin investing in future leaders.

The ideal candidate will be inspired by and fully committed to CLI’s vision and mission, and will represent the organization in a professional manner among partners, community organizations, families and individuals.



The TURNO Support Coordinator is a part time position that works alongside the Leadership Team and the Coordinator to help carry-out the program activities and ensure program success. The TURNO Support Coordinator reports to the TURNO Program Coordinator.


The Support Staff Coordinator will be required to:

  • Assist in recruit, supervision, and mentoring of new youth participants
  • Assist with the facilitation of weekly after school sessions;
  • Assist students through the completion of youth-led community involvement projects that are aligned to the organization’s and program’s goals
  • Contribute towards creating a culture of respectful collaboration among staff, partners, volunteers, and parents to ensure participants’ safety and the delivery of a culturally inclusive program;
  • Assist with the collection, maintenance, and delivery of program data that may be requested by program stakeholders (funders, partners, etc.)
  • Assist with fundraising related activities for the program
  • Assist with the coordination program event activities (field trips, conferences, trainings)
  • Apply safety practices in all facets of the performance of duties, contact emergency services as needed, and act as a Mandatory Reporter for the safety of the participants
  • Support the long-term and strategic program planning, implementation and vision ensuring that benchmarks are established to measure outcomes of the program
  • Identify and help coordinate community resources to achieve program goals (i.e. volunteers, materials)
  • Help foster and cultivate an environment where trust, respect, professionalism, teamwork, open communication, and strong work ethic are highly valued
  • Attend professional development trainings as needed and share knowledge learned
  • Assist with other organizational activities as needed



  • Commitment to the mission, vision, and values of CLI
  • Experience working with youth in community, work, or academic settings and creating positive youth development activities
  • Knowledge of different computer programs such as word, excel, and power point
  • Strong organization and time management skills
  • Ability to collaborate with diverse populations
  • Current Criminal Background check to be completed prior to employment
  • Certification or Accreditation: CPR/First Aid Certification and Food Handler Certification within first 60 days of employment
  • Bilingual/Bicultural Spanish – English
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to travel


People’s Representative Coordinator 

Salary Range: $35,000- $40,000 annually + Medical & vision benefits, pension

Job ControlExecutive Director

Direct Supervisor: Jaime Arredondo



People’s Representative (PR) is a new leadership program focused on public service training. PR has been designed to serve as a gathering place within the CLI for social justice minded Latina/o leadership in the Willamette Valley. Participants will learn what it takes to successfully position themselves for public service seats with decision making power (i.e. appointment, committees, advisory groups, etc.). The goal of the program’s cohort model is to increase Latina/o political representation, bridge the inequities facing working class populations, and foster new political leadership coming from low-to-moderate income, farmworker, and immigrant backgrounds.



Under the direction of the Executive Director the PR Coordinator’s primary task will be to implement the program’s training component. The coordinator will also assist in developing the programs overall structure. The coordinator will  work one-on-one with fellow staff and volunteers assigned to support PR including facilitators, guest speakers, and a council of advisors. The coordinator will be required to engage staff from sister organizations, network with similar training programs in the region, and be up-to-date on civic leadership vacancies in Marion and Polk counties. Additionally, the coordinator is responsible for familiarizing themselves with and assisting the institute’s general programming as needed.This position may require some evening and weekend hours.



  • Supervise program volunteers
  • Lead the recruitment of program participants
  • Oversee implementation and facilitation of program trainings
  • Attend the organization’s staff meetings
  • Prepare program materials and training day logistics
  • Guide cohort participants to successful completion of training series
  • Ensure facilitators leave a class copy and materials (if new and not in curriculum)
  • Coordinate People’s Reps Development Team Meetings
  • Coordinate meetings with the PR internal and external council of advisors
  • Data entry
  • Create/edit program powerpoint presentations
  • Create/edit program brochures, flyers, e-newsletters, mailings
  • Maintain program materials in secure storage (such as Dropbox or Google Drive)
  • Inform the Executive Director by reviewing & analyzing special reports; summarizing information; identifying trends
  • Coordinate with administrative personnel on calendar and use of the building
  • Assist with the facilitation of other CLI programs as needed
  • General support of other CLI programs as needed
  • Assist organization’s external communication, social media, monthly e-newsletter, and bi-annual appeals as needed
  • Assist development director with grant/foundation reports as needed



  • Speak and write Spanish and English
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Data entry and data entry systems experience
  • Basic computer skills and computer software knowledge (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Gmail)
  • Program development experience in the area of education
  • Experience assisting with the coordination of leadership/education training programs and event logistics



  • Bachelor’s Degree or educational/work experience in any of the following areas: Political Science, Community Development, Sociology, Communications
  • Demonstrate knowledge and experience in program development for Latina/o leadership
  • Experience working in adult education programs
  • Experience with group facilitation
  • Experience evaluating programs, collecting surveys, creating assessment tools
  • Experience working in the non-profit sector



To apply for either position:

Submit a cover letter and resume to: and in the subject line specify the position which you are interested in.

Deadline to apply:

Open until filled. Initial review of applications will begin January 29th.


6th Anniversary Celebration

July 12th 2017

Location: CLI – 356 Young Street Woodburn, OR 97071

This is a free event. Join us!

CLI Presents a traveling exhibit: “Architecture of Internment”

(Photo courtesy of Graham Street Productions)

The exhibit will open to the public during our 6th Anniversary Event on July 12th.

CAPACES invites you to reflect on the history of Internment and the “role of Oregonians in the decision to incarcerate Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants” (during WWII).

For more information about the traveling exhibit visit:
Graham Street Productions

Meet Yadira our 6th Anniversary M.C.

We know the current political climate affects people in different ways. Many of us in the social justice movement have expressed feelings of fear, anger, and anxiety. However, despite hard times we want to share that our excitement has not diminished. July 12th marks our 6th Anniversary and we want you to celebrate with us!

At the CLI, we help foster the leadership who will navigate our immigrant community through the xenophobic and hate filled landscape. Yadira Juarez is a wonderful example. A first-generation immigrant, former farmworker, and mother of three children, she exemplifies the type of leaders we help develop. Yadira has been involved in the CAPACES Network even before our non-profit organization status was official. Since 2013, Yadira has worked with the Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality as the Early Learning Program Director. Previous to that role she was employed by FHDC in the “Leyendo Juntos” program.

Embracing leadership in difficult times is not easy. Yadira states that for others leadership comes naturally. But admits that for her it’s taken a lot of effort getting over her fears. Yadira shares, “I understand the fear of our immigrant and farmworker community because I once had the same fear.” However, through CAPACES’ political education and gender justice trainings, she says, “I lost the fear, and I felt able to speak.”

Yadira has accepted to participate as our 6th Anniversary Master of Ceremonies. She views her role on stage as yet another step in her development as a leader. “I never imagined I would go from being a farmworker to being an M.C.” Yadira expresses gratitude toward all the non-profit organizations, including CAPACES, who have opened their doors, guided her, and helped her develop the talents she never knew she had.

The community needs more leaders like Yadira. CAPACES has the capacity to share informational resources to the community. From gender justice, to youth development, and political education, but we need financial support in developing these leaders that will represent our communities.

Can we count on your support to continue making this happen?

If you are unable to attend to hear Yadira speak at our 6th anniversary celebration on July 12th 2017 but would like to support CAPACES’ leadership programs please donate online today:

In solidarity,

Laura Isiordia and the team at CAPACES Leadership Institute

A Report from CLI’s Director of National Initiatives, Larry Kleinman

As you read that title, I know you might be thinking…“Didn’t Larry retire?”  Or…“the CLI has a Director of National Initiatives?”Both good questions.  The answers are “No” and “Yes!”Let me explain and share some of what I’ve been doing of late.By the time I stepped down as PCUN Secretary-Treasurer in October 2013—part of our movement’s generational leadership shift—I was already deeply engaged in national efforts to build capacity and plan for implementing immigration changes (legislative or administrative) on a massive scale.

On March 15, 2013, I organized an implementation strategy meeting in Washington DC of leaders from 50 organizations—mostly national ones.  It was the first such gathering since 2007.  In the opening go-around, I asked folks to answer what I called an “ice-berger” question:  “Tell us about the ‘Oh Sh*#! Moment’ you’ve had as you visualized the potential tsunami of work ahead”.  A sizeable portion of the participants responded “I’m having it right now!”

Flash forward two years.  We’re collectively in the throes of preparing to assist many of the five million immigrants who may qualify for “deferred action” protection (once the appeals court clears the way).  The “we” is the three dozen organizations in the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (including PCUN and Causa) and the National Partnership for New Americans, using some of the planning and training tools developed at the CLI.  The “we” is also the Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation, a coalition of two dozen national organizations and networks which I have the privilege of co-chairing.

These days, I’m in town—in Oregon—barely half the month.  Since January 1st, I’ve crossed the country eight times—mostly to DC, New York and Chicago.  Should anyone question my “commitment”, please tell them that I was in Michigan’s 20-below-zero deep freeze during Oregon’s warmest and driest February on record!  (See photo from the training with leaders of Michigan United and other FIRM organizations.)

Seriously, though, I have no complaints.  This is what I signed myself up for and I’m not alone in feeling that I’m making an impactful and very timely contribution.

I still have roles in the PCUN/CAPACES movement but I’m definitely a “back-bencher”…and that’s the plan we made in November 2012.  I can’t sufficiently describe the pride, gratitude and inspiration I feel seeing leaders of our movement—Jaime, Brenda, Laura, Lorena, Andrea, and others—stepping up.

And CLI’s “national” work?  I’m thrilled to announce that this June, 32 organizing directors and lead organizers from FIRM organizations will gather at the CLI for three-plus days engaging each other about the dilemmas of “Making and Keeping A Long-Term Commitment” to social change movement work.  We first tested this CLI-developed method with a gathering at the CLI of 20 FIRM leaders in June 2014.  It proved so successful that those leaders are returning…and being joined by a dozen more!  Most have (or had) never been to Oregon and now they are—or soon will become—part of the ever-growing part of “CLI nation”.

Así Se Puede:  Thus We Can!


CAPACES Leadership Institute