We are TURNO

TURNO TURNO creates a path for high school-aged indigenous, immigrant, and Latinx youth to embrace and prepare for long-term movement leadership through self-discovery and development, community-based service, workforce skill-building, and access to further education.

What We Do...

Weekly Sessions

We host weekly two-hour after-school sessions at Capaces Leadership Institute. Our sessions are centered on our values; youth get to explore their cultural identities, learn about their roots and ancestors, find worthy community involvement and volunteering opportunities, and find academic support from peers and mentors, allowing them to draft a plan for high school completion and beyond.

Field Trips

We plan educational and engaging field trips all over the state of Oregon to foster relationship-building, inspire new ideas, and reward our youth’s participation and engagement.

The TURNO Leadership Academy offers paid internships for our participating youth leaders. The two-month internship allows the young leaders to learn about their history/identities, hone their leadership skills, build lasting relationships with each other, and enjoy the Abuelita (grandmother) type of support from the staff of TURNO and Capaces. The youth learn the program’s mechanics and what working for a non-profit means, collaborate with other organizations, and plan and organize summer enrichment field trips and activities.

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