Return To The Land With Our Ancestral Wealth

The Capital Campaign for the Anahuac Farm & Cultural Center

Dear Extended Community,

Capaces Leadership Institute and our Oregon Farmworker Movement is in a very exciting time of expanding our Anahuac program to its own Anahuac Farm & Cultural Center located on 60 acres of certified-organic land in Turner, OR. 

Anahuac is a community centered program that offers traditional education in agriculture, culinary and cultural arts, wellness and native languages. Our work aims to unify our indigenous communities of America, in the dominant culture known as farmworkers, whose labor has been exploited throughout the food system.  We are here to sow seeds of sovereignty with organic cultivation of our milpa (corn, squash and beans) and maintain our relationships with our traditional foods and herbs.

Your contributions regardless of the amount of your donation make it possible for everyone to be enriched by the Anahuac Farm & Cultural Center. Our community is getting stronger every day.

Why Us?

We value the traditional knowledge and cultural richness that our community has to offer to create collective power. 


I am proud that my parents taught me Zapoteco although it was not easy because I was made fun of, but now I understand the value of my language… Thanks to Anahuac for the job opportunity, I feel very proud to now be able to teach Zapoteco and I want my children to be able to speak 3 languages’

                         – Cristina Arellanez Vasquez,

                            Indigenous Language Teacher

Why Here? Why Now?

We hear the call of our ancestors. It’s time to return to the land with our ancestral wealth. The Anahuac Farm & Cultural Center offers a centralized location in the Willamette Valley for our indigenous communities and Oregon’s Farmworker Immigrant Movement to return to their center, connect with Mother Earth, and reawaken their ancestral power. 

We recognize the urgency to collectively restore our languages, ancestral knowledge and practices, and native seeds to sustain life for many generations to come.


I have a sense of responsibility for myself and others to reconnect and gain all of the knowledge my ancestors once had. I do not want it to die out or fade away, and I want something very beautiful to keep continuing. Even in the future, when it is more modernized, I still want my antepasados, their knowledge still to be heard and alive…I feel responsibility and a good type of feeling that I want to learn and do this, and teach what I learn to future generations.’

                         – Neida Robles Rodriguez,

                            Anahuac Youth Leader

Take Action!

It is time to create balance within our food system and come together as a community to remember all that we have to offer. We know we can not do this alone, it takes a collective effort for change. ​


Thank you for making it possible for the Anahuac Farm & Cultural Center to become a waking reality for our Indigenous communities and those who share our ancestral values.


We offer many ways to show support including donations through our Menu of Giving Options or Pay What You Can Donations, Sponsorships  and Volunteer opportunities.  Follow the link to be directed to our capital campaign website to show your support.

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Questions or Concerns?

Contact our Capital Fundraising Campaign Manager,

Sofia Baum