The 1% You Can Be Proud to Join

For the past four months, the number “99” has had a whole new symbolism.  Even as our movement embraces it and even as we build Woodburn—rather than occupy it, “99%” has another meaning for us.  We’ve fixed our sights on reaching the 99% mark in our campaign to raise $750,000 to build and operate the CAPACES Leadership Institute,

Last Friday(December 9th), we received notification that McKenzie River Gathering approved its third grant to support establishing the Institute.  That’s the 23rd grant committed from a total of 13 foundations.

The MRG grant boosted our total to $731,357.  That was 97.4% of our goal.  We needed to raise another $11,143 to get to “99%.”

We decided to ask a few loyal supporters if they would pledge the final 1%—that’s $7,500.  Two of them, in an act of inspiring generosity, committed $11,143, instantly advancing the campaign to the 99% level.

Now, we put out the call to one and all:  here’s a “1%” you can proudly join—the contributors who donated the final 1%

Please remember that contributions are tax-deductible if made payable to “Willamette Valley Law Project” and can be sent to 300 Young St., Woodburn, OR 97071.  To make an online tax-deductible donation, go to (the Institute’s new website!) and click on the green “Donate” button.

We hope you can make a contribution by December 31st and ensure that 2011 will be a “si se pudo”—“yes we did”—year