People or Money? Decided!

Last month, we told you we needed $8,800 to complete our $20,000 matching grant.  And during the month of December, you stepped up to the challenge and contributed $9,703 to CAPACES Leadership Institute.

While we’re very excited that in the last few days of December your donations surpassed our $20,000 matching grant, there’s something we’re even more excited about.   More than 32% of these donations came from first-time donors. 

Here’s how our staff feel about our first-time donors:

2015 CLI Staff Thanks You!


Our donors make a difference by providing critical funding needed to keep CAPACES running.  They also provide invaluable moral support to our team and show our greater community that they trust we are accomplishing our mission: to prepare leaders with the political consciousness and skills needed to lead and support social justice work.

And this trust you place in us both encourages us to strive even farther, and enables us to access resources we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

This year, your donations will advance the RE-TURNO youth program, increase the effectiveness of our Leadership Transitions 2.0 course, and allow us to cultivate new sources of funding.

So, when we consider what is more important, you or the donation you give, we always come up with the same answer:  YOU are more important than a fundraising goal being met.

Our sincere thanks to all of our first-time donors.  While the cash is, of course, always welcome, we are most grateful for you believing in us.

Your generosity changes lives and reshapes communities.
If you’re ready, join our staff and become a monthly donor.

¡Así se puede!
In solidarity,

Rose Barker and the team at CAPACES Leadership Institute