Our Purpose!

TURNO’s purpose comprises what we aspire to cultivate in our students. To create a culture of care for the whole person, we strive to develop our young leaders’ internal, external, and progressive strengths.

Self-Discovery and Development

TURNO seeks to empower young leaders to find and use their voices, identify where they fit in the current world, what their values, goals, and dreams are, and always remember their roots and communities. Finding and developing their leadership style and skills, which they’ll continue to hone their entire lives. 

Community Involvement

Regresando a Nuestros Orígenes / Returning To Our Roots” Honoring the interconnectedness of us all, our lands, and our communities, we encourage youth to return to their roots and give back to worthwhile causes. Community service based within serves to build up relationships between our young leaders and our beloved community. We recognize that their leadership path is not solitary but a road walked together with those who came before and those who will walk the path after.

Academic Success

TURNO seeks to spark the fire of learning within our youth, recognizing that they already possess an innate curiosity in need of development. Education is a journey with many paths; our youth should be confident in the knowledge that it can be sought in many places. We encourage and assist our youth in pursuing higher education, trade knowledge, and lifelong curiosity. Social justice does not just need or serve the academic community but calls on all to be scholars of deeper truths and act against pervasive lies. These scholars can come from any walk of life.

Questions or Concerns?

Contact our Program Manager,

Daisy Santana