Winter brings great changes

Saludos from CAPACES Leadership Institute!

2014.11 Appeal Jose   The TURNO youth program you’ve supported for the last three years is still going strong. TURNO is all about leadership, identity, and higher education.

We’re excited to tell you that we are now offering assistance to high school students to transition into local trade apprenticeships after graduation.   The TURNO program is now called RE-TURNO, because we are Reinforcing Education to a new group of students.

To lead this project, we welcome José García to the CAPACES team.
José has a background similar to that of the RE-TURNO students, and a history of being involved with the Latino movement.  Jose is excited to offer the type of guidance and mentoring he wishes he’d had as a high school student.

Photo: Jose, Diana, Elizabeth, and Brenda tackle a project together

   RE-TURNO has been busy this school year.  Visiting guests from Oregon State University and Willamette University led workshops on Latino leaders in the USA, life as a college student, applying for college, Chicano leader Cipriano Ferrel’s legacy, and how to write a personal story.

A few weeks ago our students partnered with Club de Lenguas Indígenas at Woodburn High School to lead a 6-mile march in Woodburn to promote Measure 88.  Students also visited Oregon State University and Willamette University to experience college life and learn about financial aid opportunities.
RE-TURNO student Diana Morales Cruz comes from a low-income immigrant farmworker family.  She said this about her experience at Oregon State University:

I wasn’t sure about going to school because of how much it cost.  My family is not able to contribute a lot financially to my college education.  I know if I can’t go to college I will help my family in our business.

At OSU we learned a lot about college life, and about a support center called CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program).  Now I know that there are resources ready to help me and that I can succeed in college. I’m investing in myself.  I’ll get a good job after graduating, and I’ll help my family out.

Elizabeth Sanchez Manzo, who joined the group of 10 students visiting OSU, said:

Before going to OSU with RE-TURNO, I thought college homework was going to be too hard.  But when I saw the students studying and then they told me that all I needed to do is prioritize my schedule, I realized college is actually easier than I’d imagined.  Now I really want to go to college!

   And all of this is happening because of generosity from donors like you!

This winter and spring, RE-TURNO will amp up their new program preparing and matching students with apprenticeships, continue higher education activities, and participate in the CAPACES 101 workshop.

Would you please help us turn these goals into a reality for our students?

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