Dear Friends of CAPACES Leadership Institute,

Your support of the Institute has made more than the murals on our walls shine; local youth are radiantly blossoming.

2013 marked the turning point toward success in the lives of many high school students participating in CAPACES Leadership Institute’s TURNO youth program.  TURNO equips students for graduation and higher learning; it mentors students in leadership skills.  Volunteering through TURNO affords them the opportunity to radically change how they view and interact with the world.

A few of our 40 radiant TURNISTAS – Zesar stands center left.

A message from Zesar Reyes, a Sophomore at Woodburn High School:

“My name is Zesar.  I want to tell you about what’s happening in the community that CAPACES affects.

I came to the USA just over a year ago and had a lot to learn in addition to my high school classes.  My school requires us to volunteer in the community to graduate.
I found out about CAPACES Leadership Institute from my friend Julizza, and I dropped by to see if I could volunteer there.

When I arrived, members of the community were painting a bright mural.  The muralist Juanishi Orosco excitedly said I could join TURNO and lead a team of high school students to paint part of the mural because of my experience painting houses.

Every day that I painted, I became more focused and more energized.  The team of students I led needed me and I learned how to be a good leader.  I found a place to be me.

As I painted the images of people planting and harvesting, I began to think about the lives of these men and women who work in the fields. I had just spent my summer in Oregon’s fields harvesting grapes.  I started to learn about the farmworkers’ struggle. I realized that when I volunteer for the CLI, my effort impacts the farmworkers I was painting – which includes even me.  Since the mural was completed, my responsibility has increased.  With TURNO, I am volunteering my time and my skill to create a better future for the farmworker community, as well as improve my own. 

So many are benefiting from CAPACES’ hard work.  I feel even better giving my entire heart when I see CAPACES giving their best to everyone else.  And that’s enough for me.”

We hope you can join Zesar’s effort and donate to the CAPACES Leadership Institute.

The lives of many students like Zesar are affected profoundly, and your support will sustain programs including TURNO, helping us as we step into our third year.

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Laura Isiordia, Executive Director
Zesar Reyes, TURNISTA

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