We want to thank ahead to everyone that is willing to donate: Your Time, Your Money, and Your Participation to something that will help us build a movement and a physical building that will be part of our movement.

Most importantly we would need to lots of people working together with the enthusiastic energy that will show us that we can work together as a community

  • Volunteers
  • Voluntarios
  • Benevoles
  • Volontarer
  • Voluntari
  • and more volunteers

Volunteers and more Volunteers will be the Energy that will be allow us to build an Institute


  • Paint ( Specific Color coming soon) but plain White works great.
  • Wood (2×4)
  • Sheet rock
  • Electric Wire for High Amperage ( 200 ft -500ft)
  • Insulation (Green if possible)
  • Sprinkler system


  • Apple Station for Graphics Editing
  • CAT 6 Cable
  • PC Computers

Classroom Materials

  • Classroom style Seats
  • White boards (4×6)
  • Desks for Instructors
  • Book Shelves
  • File Cabinets

For Our Green Effort

  • Young Trees to be part of our building (10 trees)
  • Tables for summer study/classes outside
  • Benches
  • Bike Rack
  • Community Garden
    • Compost Bin
    • Quality Soil for Vegetable plants
  • Plant friendly paint (for Mural)
  • Solar Panels

Wind Mill (any new city prototypes?)

for more information contact: Erubile Valladares – eruradio(at)pcun.org 503 984 2756