Following the lead…

From the desk of Rosi –

One of my favorite attributes of CAPACES Leadership Institute is its inclusivity. Regardless of skill, skin color, nationality, opinion, or your past or present, you are eagerly welcomed as a part of our community.
This acceptance of diversity is reflected in our visitors, volunteers, program participants, Brigada work days, and groups hosting events at our state-of-the-art Passive House facility.
We would be honored by your visit, too! 

Quick note:  Brigada work party Saturday May 24 @ CAPACES – food, fun, friends, and… bring your work clothes!

2014.05 WU Interns
Ruben, Zesar, Lupe, Sam, and Isa

We are proud to have recently worked with Beatriz, Lupe, Sam, and Isa.  These four interns from Willamette University served at CAPACES, PCUN, and Radio Movimiento for 10 weeks, sleeves rolled up and great energy abounding.

Sam commented, “The most positive takeaway from working with CAPACES was working with young future leaders from the Woodburn community who are intelligent, hardworking, and have very bright futures ahead of them. It was also very humbling to gain an inside perspective on how much work goes into making an organization such as CAPACES functional and successful.”

Lupe added, “The students especially showed me incredible amounts of warmth and they reminded me to stay true to my roots because there will always be a younger generation looking for a positive role model.”

The internship was part of their coursework for Transnational Labor Politics.  Thank you for your contributions!

In May CAPACES hosted Beyond Pesticides‘ 2014 national conference.  Beyond Pesticides participants spent one of their seminar days learning about the impact of pesticide use while visiting sister organizations CAPACES Leadership Institute, PCUN, and the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation (FHDC).

2014.04 Beyond Pesticides
Beyond Pesticides visits PCUN, CAPACES, and FHDC

After listening to testimonials from Carmen and Rafaela, touring farmworker housing, and learning more of the true impacts of pesticide use, they responded in this video with one word or phrase that summarized their experience. Check out the video here.

Thank you for being a part of our community, Beyond Pesticides!

We also hosted Pacific University‘s council meeting, and shared a day with Hacienda CDC, among other wonderful visitors. What an honor!
(PS – Check out the new Mercado Hacienda is building in Portland.)

2014.04 Hacienda CDC
Hacienda CDC establishing deeper ties with CAPACES

Right now we’re working on establishing a volunteer program. To those of you have generously offered of yourselves, I promise we’ve not forgotten you.  We’re looking forward to best utilizing your time and interests within the CAPACES community.

We look forward to seeing you here.

All my best,

Rosi Barker
Director of Development at CAPACES Leadership Institute