Maestra of Ceremonies: Sandra Hernández

Sandra Hernández, Co-Master of Ceremonies
6th Anniversary Celebration

Position: Coordinator of Latinos Unidos Siempre (LUS), staff since 2015
Education: B.A. in Political Science from Willamette University

Sandra took the time to speak with CLI ahead of July 12th’s anniversary event. Here’s what she shared…

How many youth are involved at LUS?

“25 to 100 youth involved throughout the year. It varies by season.”

When did you first learn of CAPACES Leadership Institute?

“I took a tour of CAPACES in 2014. I was amazed to see the CLI Building and the positive spirit in there.”

Do you consider yourself a leader?

“I see myself as a leader that shows others how to accomplish goals through actions rather than by words.” Sandra adds, “Leadership is also about always learning, being humble. Oh and another one is always being open minded and not judgmental to the knowledge that [others] are carrying because that’s their experience.”

What do you think of CAPACES’ efforts in developing youth leadership?

“I think CAPACES has done a good job of creating youth leadership through TURNO. It’s not easy. The culture of youth is changing so quickly, organizations like CAPACES and LUS need to adapt because youth culture changes so quick.”

Where do you see your developing leadership taking you in the next five years?

“I see myself finishing up a Ph.D in Education because higher education is where I see myself. The more I’m involved in social justice work – my heart just keeps going towards education. I really want to become a professor and educate others.”

Is there anything else you would like the CAPACES Network to know?

“I’m really nervous and excited to be MC’ing the event for CAPACES. Oh and you can find LUS on our like page at Latinos Unidos Siempre. We’re very responsive.”