Alianza Poder Community Wealth Building Initiative

While our communities make up the majority in many spaces in the Mid-Valley, due to racism and systemic inequities rooted in white supremacy, we are disproportionately overrepresented in the wrong places, especially our future—our youth. This is evident in our criminal justice system, income inequality, educational attainment, access to healthcare, and food security. Working in our environment and with our community is like building in earthquake mode—all the time.While our communities are in a constant state of survival, this is not our future. We come from abundance and are determined to share these gifts for the prosperity of Oregon. 

AP is primed for this evolution of its work. We have nearly 20 years of history working together. Our work reaches over 350,000 Latino/indigena/afrodescendiente across the Willamette Valley. Our community organizing, advocacy, and leadership development strategies have resulted in a “growing seat at the table,” and multiple local/statewide policy victories. Building on these strategies to create community wealth will be a key part of our future.

In 2022, AP will be launching the AP Community Wealth Building Initiative (APCWBI) to help develop community wealth in the Mid-Willamette Valley region, rooted in our cultural assets, working to improve the quality of life for all, especially the most vulnerable. The project core activities will include the following:

  1. Establishing the AP Community Wealth Building Fellowship cohort composed of  Latino/a/x/e asset builders that will inform and guide the APCWBI and also function as a learning community.
  2. After the cohort is formed, a consultant will be hired  to: (A) assess AP’s current asset building strategies (B) and facilitate a process with the goal of developing business plans to better support existing and/or implement new community wealth building strategies. This work will also involve identifying and visiting other local and national culturally-specific community asset building models
  3. Forming an external network of economic/asset building experts/advisors to support the development and implementation of AP’s collective strategies.
  4. Fundraising and implementing strategies to support existing or new community wealth  building efforts.


When is the project occurring?

This is a two-year project which begins mid-March 2022 and concludes in 2023. The project application process will open on February 18, 2022, and closes on March 18, 2022. The selection of participants will occur the week of March 28, 2022.

Who is leading the project?

The project will be led by Jaime Arredondo (ED CLI), Maria Elena Guerra (ED FHDC & Evolve), Levi Herrera (ED MaMFC), and supported by Ashley Orozco (CLI staff)  and a consultant who will be hired on.

What are the expectations?

The project requires a 2-year commitment. For year one, participants are expected to dedicate 4-6 hours monthly which may be broken into 2-3 sessions. Specifics about time commitment are yet to be determined and a final decisions will be made within the group. Year two time commitment is still under development.

How much will it cost?

The cost is free to participants. AP has received a large grant from the Northwest Area Foundation to support this effort, which will cost over $100,000. Stipends will be provided to each participant in the amount of $750 per year.

Who should apply? Leaders with:

  • Experience in asset building and  economic development, especially in the areas of:

Land/real estate acquisition, Workforce development, Small business, Social enterprise , Entrepreneurship,

Financial literacy, Fee for services models, Collective models for economic development

  • Interest and passion for collective wealth building
  • Experience working non-profit community-based organizations serving the Latinx/o/a/e communities
  • Good people skills, communication (oral/written), basic understanding of relationships and interpersonal dynamics
  • The full support of their organization regarding the time commitment, and ability to bring the learning and practice to the organization.

Where Can I Apply?

To apply, please fill out and submit our form:  Apply Here

Questions or Concerns?

Contact our Team,